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Renters Insurance in Oakwood Hills, IL

For millions of young adults, college life offers excitement and exploration as students get used to being on their own and taking care of their own living spaces. However, many college students may rent their residences while in higher education, which can lead to significant risks and exposures. Whether leasing an apartment or living in their school-sponsored dormitories, college students and their parents should understand the potential value of renters insurance.

What Is Covered by Renters Insurance?

True to its name, renters insurance is a type of coverage that provides financial security for policyholders who rent their homes. Although college students and others who rent their homes may not own their residences, they still have a significant financial stake in them, and various perils, such as fires and theft, can lead to considerable losses.

Fortunately, renters insurance may provide critical financial aid in response to losses involving the following:

  • Personal possessions—This part of a renters insurance policy may help pay for losses involving a student or other renter’s belongings, such as electronic devices, clothing, books, furniture and bicycles.
  • Medical payments—This component of renters insurance may provide financial assistance for medical bills incurred by guests from incidents occurring while visiting a renter’s home.
  • Personal liability—This coverage may help pay for third-party losses, such as bodily injuries and property damage, for which a renter was responsible.
  • Loss-of-use—If an incident makes a student’s residence temporarily uninhabitable, this coverage may help pay for additional living expenses, such as alternative accommodations and storage units.

Is Renters Insurance Required?

Renters insurance is not mandated by law, and students living in college- or university-owned dorms are typically not subject to any coverage requirements. Those who rent off-campus, such as in privately-owned apartment buildings or houses, may be subject to insurance requirements by their landlords. Even if renters are not subject to any insurance-related obligations, these policies should still be highly considered to ensure financial security.

In some cases, college students who live in on-campus housing may retain some coverage while at school under their parents’ insurance. For example, homeowners insurance may extend a fraction of its personal property coverage capabilities for students’ possessions while they are away at school. Similarly, students may retain access to personal liability coverage under their parents’ homeowners insurance policy.

How Much Does Renters Insurance Cost?

Given the vast array of circumstances that college students and all renters may live under, the cost of appropriate insurance may vary significantly. Insurers typically consider the following factors when quoting rates:

  • Type of housing
  • Location
  • Presence of valuable possessions
  • Liability risks (e.g., pets and attractive nuisances)
  • Prior claims history
  • Policy details (e.g., coverage limits and deductibles)

Get the Right Coverage

At Smith & Associates Inc, our team is committed to helping families and individuals understand and address their coverage needs. We have extensive experience serving the Oakwood Hills area and will work with you to ensure optimal insurance solutions. Contact us today for a personalized quote or to learn more.

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