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Auto Insurance in Oakwood Hills, IL

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Smith & Associates Inc is here to provide specialized auto insurance that gives you the confidence to take on the open road. We offer insurance services to international drivers, high-risk drivers and classic car owners. Contact us today for an auto insurance quote.

Licensed Foreign and International Drivers

Life doesn’t stop at borders, and neither should your insurance. If you’re in the United States briefly, our short-term Illinois auto insurance offers crucial protection without long-term commitments.

For those planning an extended stay, we provide robust coverage tailored to your needs.

U.S. driving conditions may differ significantly from what you’re accustomed to in other countries. Our advisors can guide you through the local laws and best practices.

High-Risk Drivers

High-risk drivers often face inflated premiums and limited options. We help identify coverage that offers the best possible rates and coverage.

In addition to coverage, our team of insurance experts provides counsel on how you can reduce your risk profile over time.

SR-22 Filing

Filing an SR-22 often raises insurance costs. We’ll guide you to the most budget-friendly options available. We help you meet deadlines so you can get back behind the wheel as soon as legally possible.

Classic Cars

From exhibitions to parades, your vintage vehicle needs more than standard insurance. We offer specialized plans that offer financial protection for your passion. Classic cars often appreciate rather than depreciate in value. We ensure that your coverage reflects this unique situation.

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Our decades of experience in Oakwood Hills provide us with insights into what drivers like you need.

Whether you’re an international driver, a high-risk individual, navigating SR-22 requirements or a classic car owner, Smith & Associates Inc is committed to providing you with the specialized auto insurance you need. Contact us today to explore the ideal coverage for your unique journey.

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