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April 14, 2019

Safeguard Your Business

Safeguard Your Business with a Distracted Driving Policy

Employees who drive during the course of their work may also drive up their employer’s risk factors if they fall prey to distractions behind the wheel. The 2017 Travelers Risk Index indicates that 30% of all businesses worry “a great deal” or “some” about distracted driving putting their company at risk. Yet, the data provides that 27% of employees who drive in the course of their work say their boss has called and/or texted even though their boss knew they were driving.


Considering the potential dangers and costs associated with vehicle accidents, distraction caused by mobile device use is a key problem for employers to address. However, according to the Travelers Risk Index, only 27% of employers reported having a formal policy on distracted driving that was strictly enforced.


Call Paul today 847-516-5446 to see how to set up a clear distracted driving policy!

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