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April 25, 2013

Steps for living well with a chronic condition

Steps For Living Well With A Chronic Condition

From arthritis and diabetes to asthma and depression living with a chronic condition can be a challenge. One secret to success: Take charge. Here are ways to do that.

·         Learn all you can: Lean about treatment options and what you can do to manage your illness. For example, you may be able to change the course of your condition by putting an end to unhealthy habits. Find out what causes your condition to worsen and what my improve it.

·         Your doctor is your ally: He or she can help you set goals and develop a treatment plan that leads toward better health. Your doctor likely has tips to offer on what has worked for other patients in similar situations.

·         Don’t go it alone: Seek out the support of family and friends. You also may find strength in a support group. Check around for a group that will teach you about managing your illness, as well as self-care skills.

·         Set goals: Decide what concerns you most-what’s hardest about your illness and what you’d most like to change. Make a goal and develop a plan to meet it. Reward yourself for each step along the way.

·         Take your prescribed medicine: While it can’t cure your illness, medication can reduce symptoms, prevent further problems or sometime slow the course of your disease.

·         Keep your routine: Try to keep up your normal routines much as possible. Keep up hobbies or find new ones that fit better with your condition. Try to continue with work and household chores, adapting them as needed.

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