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September 3, 2013

Jennifer Cane receives Healthcare Marketplace Certification

Jennifer Cane receives Healthcare Marketplace Certification

We are pleased to announce that Jennifer Cane has completed the Individual Marketplace and SHOP Marketplace training and successfully passed the exam required to operate on the new Healthcare Marketplace portal, also known as ‘Healthcare Exchange”.

This certification allows her to provide the same level of consulting services within the public exchange as she provides to clients seeking private insurance options. Unlike the government trained “Navigator” role, Jennifer has achieved “Agent/Broker” certification for both the Individual and SHOP applications which allows her to provide consulting expertise as well as help clients complete the necessary application process.

This certification allows Jennifer to assist clients with:

  • The Marketplace application process
  • Identifying the level of subsidy they may qualify for
  • Identifying the optional benefits they may qualify for (Medicaid, Medicare expansion, CHIP)
  • Understanding insurance options, benefits and coverage amounts
  • Assist business owners in identifying the level of tax credits they may receive

For more information about what options are available to you or your business please call Jennifer at 847-516-5446 or email her at [email protected]

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